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David Bell has been a guitar-slinging favorite of the East Coast music scene since the 80s. Listed among his numerous recording credits is the single "Raised On The Radio", which was featured in the Fast Times At Ridgemont High soundtrack. He proudly shared the stage with many of the most popular rock acts of the era, including (among others) Foreigner, Billy Idol, and Grand Funk Railroad.


In David's own words: " I knew I wanted to play music as soon as I was old enough to watch the big kids carrying their instrument cases to the bus stop. First it was saxophone. Followed quickly by the trumpet. But once I got a guitar in my hands at age 13, it was over. I began gigging professionally at 16 – and I've been gigging ever since. Probably close to 30 bands that I've been a full-fledged member of over the years. I love all styles of music, and I love the challenge of adapting my playing to fit that of whatever artist I'm supporting - be it live or in studio. "





Maribeth McCormick's passion for music is inherent. Her father sang tenor in a barber shop quartet -- and her brother played the part of George Harrison in a popular Beatles tribute band. She began performing professionally in the 90s, singing with several in-demand East Coast bands.


Maribeth selflessly put her career on hold for 10 years in order to provide primary care for her mother with Alzheimer's Disease. Now, back without missing a beat, she's once again able to sing to her heart's content. Maribeth occasionally joins in with The Robert Williamson band as a 2nd female lead vocalist when not performing with BELLcurve.

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